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N O N P R O F I T   S E R V I C E S

Young, Black & Widowed Inc.

Start here. Our peer support line (423) 401- 9274 is available daily from 10AM - 10 PM EST.  Call in to speak with a peer about immediate post-mortem challenges, general "What Do I Do Now?" widowhood questions, inquires about our Clubhouse App support group or just to discuss a challenging day. We're here, even on holidays.

Check out our resource blog which contain information checklists that we are happy to review with you over our daily peer support line. If you have questions about the following subjects as well as more seasoned thoughtful writing, this is our top source of information from our writers: Immediate Port-Mortem & Funeral Checklist, Widowed Health Insurance, Survivor Benefits Checklist, Parenting in Widowhood and Young, Widowed & Dating.

"Dropin" to our free peer support group on the Clubhouse App, and chat with friends on Tuesdays at 8:00PM EST.

​Dubbed: Not your average grief support group! We talk about real life stressors facing us in today's world, from social injustice to the latest news highlights and grief resources to survivor benefits. Come for the community of young, black widow(er)s who "get it." 

Fuel Your Transformative Passion! 

On our podcast, the extension of our community, we discuss listener-submitted issues that affect the Black community such as: the mental exasperation of being isolated during Covid-19 as a widow(er), the challenges of solo-parent during a global pandemic, the disproportionate loss of life in the Black community, societal stigmas against LGBTQ+ people and racial injustices we all suffer within our everyday lives.

The Matthew Holt Redmond Memorial Scholarship is distributed across the United States to Millennial and Generation Z widows and widow(er)s of color. This scholarship celebrates black excellence in times of immense tragedy and supports widows and widowers as they restart their lives and rebuild financial stability for generations to come.

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